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A faced-pace Tower Defense Racing game where 4 waring factions go head-to-head in a free-for-all race for weapons and upgrades, in order to protect their respective towers. Pick from the epic kingdoms of Yellow, Green, Blue, and Red, and sabotage your neighbors by dropping auto-firing, enemy-detecting turrets in this high stakes, frantic fight to the finish. When all of the neighboring kingdom towers are destroyed, you will reign supreme, the true Lord of Speed.

IMPORTANT NOTES: You need to use Xbox controllers to play, there are no keyboard or other controls at the moment. Controls are the Joysticks, “A” and “B” button, and Right Trigger for item usage.

Team Members:
Miguel Torres
Andrew Santos
Mahaela Johnson
Jared Stover
Dillon Fox
Christopher Jones
Jason Kaufman

Install instructions

Unzip folder and run Speed Fortress 1.0


Speed Fortress 1.0.zip 33 MB

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